Ridgeway Challenge 2015

Members of the group once again stepped up to support the yearly Ridgeway Challenge over the August bank Holiday weekend. This event sees a number of RAYNET groups support the event as the walkers follow the Ridgeway to the final point in Avebury.

The event takes place between Saturday startling at 10:00 and completed around Sunday early afternoon.

Communications coverage includes voice but also large amount of data as we collage and forward on the runners Arrival time and departure time at each Checkpoint all the way to the finish.

A link to the organiser site can be found at:- Ridgeway Challenge 2015 Organisers Page
Event pictures can be found at:- Ridgeway Challenge 2015 Official Photos

We look forward to working with the events team again next year.

Graeme M3XIR Hard at workRob M0GKG after his early morning coffee fix.

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