LDWA Pewsey Downsaround

Today saw the group support the LDWA Pewsey Downsaround 10, 17, 26 & 35 Mile walk starting and ending at the Pewsey Scout Hut.

After the usual no shows some 212 walkers took part with very few having to drop out. The group worked with the organisers covering all 5 Checkpoints and ensuring the progress of the walker arrival information at each checkpoint was past back to control. We also supplied a portable APRS (GPS tracking) unit with the sweepers which proved invaluable.

We look forward to working with the LDWA on future events.


2015-04-12 11.51.00

2015-04-12 11.51.16

If you have an event you think we might be able to help with you with, please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

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