Technical Information

The Group owns some equipment that it uses when needed to improve the service it can provide to the User Services.

Frequencies 2 Metres 70 cms
Simplex FM 144.625 MHZ 433.775 MHZ

In Band 70 cms repeater Simoco PRF 10UHF
10 Watts Output RX 438.400 MHz TX 430.800 MHz CTCSS 118.8Hz

Cross band 2 metre – 70cms repeater Yaesu FT8900
High Power 50 Watts
Low Power 5 watts
Both units are carrier access

Maxon PMR 446 Handheld Radio Specification
This equipment is now available for use within the Group. It is ideal for communication with organisers/liaison personnel who are not licensed to use amateur radio equipment. This equipment does not need a separate licence.

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