RAYNET Frequencies


The following frequencies are used by RAYNET nationally
RAYNET general frequencies 80m
3.663 MHz LSB
7.090 MHz LSB
51.210 MHz NBFM
51.940-52.000 MHz NBFM
70.350 MHz NBFM
70.375 MHz NBFM
70.400 Mhz NBFM
144.260 MHz USB
144.625 MHz NBFM 12.5 kHz Voice
144.650 MHz NBFM 12.5 kHz Voice
144.675 MHz NBFM 12.5 kHz Voice
144.775 MHz NBFM
144.800 MHz NBFM Data transmissions (including APRS)
145.200 MHz NBFM
145.225 MHz NBFM
433.700 MHz NBFM Voice
433.725 MHz NBFM Voice
433.750.MHz NBFM Voice
433.775 MHz NBFM Voice
438.400 / 430.800 MHz NBFM Voice repeater

Base TX on 438, mobiles TX on 430 (-7.6MHz repeater shift. This has been
chosen so that usage is compatible with most modern radios which have a wide negative shift available as standard).
432.775 / 434.375 MHz NBFM Voice repeater
Base TX on 432, mobiles TX on 434 (Standard + 1.6 repeater shift)

Sharing frequencies with other amateurs
Please remember that RAYNET does not have exclusive use of any frequency within the amateur bands. Individual amateurs operating on the same frequency can often wreck RAYNET communications either inadvertently, or deliberately.

In the case of inadvertent interference, a polite approach often produces the required outcome, but a heavy handed or bullying attitude usually hardens the other amateurs’ attitude to your operations.

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